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New user question about building a web app

Hello Everyone,
I have joined Bubble today. I have been aware of the platform for some time and always thought it may take too much to get comfortable with it. I thought the same of Webflow until I had a go.

I would like to create a property listings web app for rentals and sale which will include videos and virtual tours. I am happy to use a template as a base. I wanted to know how difficult a task it would be to create such a site as a new person to Bubble. I realise this is a hard question to answer and is relative. I would start with a template, but most of the templates I have found on Bubble lack some features that I want.

I have used Wordpress and Webflow and Shopify for about 15 years. I have been using Webflow for about 3 years now. On Webflow and WP, I create the websites for myself and have done all the sites myself using templates as a base. I have probably built about 15-30 sites over the years.

Given my experience as an end user, what do you think? Would it take me a few weeks or months or years to set up a real estate website?

I am very concerned that Bubble may not be created for people like me.

Thank you.

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Hello @lunatics welcome to the community!

Free learning bootcamp:

Once you are more familiar with Bubble … here a template (among others that exist … beyond Canvas) that may help with your project (… make sure to learn as much as you can about Bubble first … it really is not advisable to take on a template without being familiar with Bubble … it would be an uphill battle …)

Full disclosure: I am associated with Airdev as a partner developer

Other non-Airdev/Canvas learning options:

Best of luck on your journey! :grinning: