New user quiz? Can I do this?

I am trying to create a quiz of sorts for when someone firsts signs up for my app. I want something like this:

I might be getting crazy here, but it would be nice if they were animated just a bit, maybe barely moved around a little. That would be cool. Anyway, does this sound like something someone would know how to do?

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Will you be able to do it with native Bubble stuff? I don’t think so. I have no idea how but there is some code wiz that could do it.

Is there another way you could provide this piece of value to your users with a smaller amount of effort?

Hey @ben4 :slight_smile: I am not sure of a way to have different sized bubbles, but I set up a similar UI with the “Multiselect Pills” element that is within the “Canvas UI elements” free plugin:


I am going to give this a look. Thank you!

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I feel like amcharts has a chart that would do this for you