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New user - System viability

Hi everybody, i’m a business user and i’m learning about bubble (in a coursera course and using it) but still not sure if it can do what i need. I’ll would like your feedback to see if the main functions of my system will work our not. Can someone help me?

  • My system will need to have USERS that will be registred manually by me;
  • The USERS will insert manually pacients (that will not have acess to the system);
  • The USERS will use the system to elaborate a test, that will bring infos to the pacient record in the date that the test is being apply;
  • The pacient will participate in more than one test, so the system will need to keep record of every test applied on him;
  • USERS may apply tests to pacients that were registred by other USERS (optional);
  • USERS may only check results from pacients that they tested;
  • The system should create a document to be send to the USER and the pacient, with the result of the test and a diagnosis based on the results;
  • The data with the INFOS from the pacients, and tests, should be available to me so i can create another system that will be a dashboard with the results of all the pacients and their tests, by month, location, age, results, etc.

Thank you,

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Hey! Welcome to Bubble.

Everything you described is absolutely possible. You can register users for people other than yourself, and the patients created by users can be a separate data type that is meant for records only (versus logging in).

All of your tests, results, and other information can be saved to your database and everything can be cross-referenced as well. It’s up to you to create the structure of the database. For example:


  • Name
  • Company
  • List of Patients


  • Name
  • Age
  • List of Tests Taken


  • Patient
  • Location
  • Result 1
  • Result 2


Feel free to keep posting if you have any questions!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble