[New Utility] Bubble Archive Explorer

Introducing Bubble Archive Explorer


This is a down-and-dirty, offline, HTML-based JSON ‘browser’. The whole utility is contained in a single HTML file.

The Goal
Sometimes it is convenient to search through every single item in your app (all pages, elements, workflows, apis, settings). Sometimes its helpful to browse your app data offline in a simplified manner or verify your backup contents. This is all possible using your app’s archive JSON file.

The Problem
The structure of bubble’s application archive JSON file is very cryptic to browse through (even with a JSON-specific browser/editor). This limits its usefulness to end-users who may want to search through or browse their archive.

The Solution
A JSON browser specifically for the bubble archive file that is able to display meaningful names hierarchies, and information.

Part 1 - Search

  • When a match is found, return a meaningful location in your app / archive.
  • Find partial matches that are not case sensitive

Part 2 - Browsing

  • Find the meaningful name of what you are looking at rather than a cryptic key such as bTogBh. The browser does this by looking naming data that is nested inside a key’s value and showing a ‘friendly’ name.
  • Get a clear understanding of how the archive JSON is structured, how your data is truly backed up, and how bubble works ‘under the hood’ and stores things like your workflows, pages, and elements.


  • Search is very basic (and can be slow on larger projects). It iterates through every key:value in your file and does not build an index. .
  • It doesn’t find names for everything. Especially when other elements are referenced. In short, a redesign with indexing would be necessary to achieve that. Features may be added.
  • Its in beta - is what it is. This was built with a single situation in mind, which it has achieved already. Others may find it useful. mSuggestions welcome, but may not be implemented for a while
  • The HTML app doesn’t modify your source archive file (it literally can’t), but for peace of mind, the recommendation would be to copy your archive file before using with the app.




Added a basic index to map bubble IDs to their friendly name. Allows unnamed workflows to display the element name that triggers them. (work in progress)

If you are browsing, you must run a search first to create the index for this to work

github download has been updated