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New Video Course: Build a marketplace app like AirBnb with Bubble

Where? Or maybe I’m not getting the expression? Any instant chat with others? Can wait for next course :wink:

Minimize the course video, and you’ll see the chat option at the bottom-right.

I was thinking about Bubble. But yes, i found it.

Thanks a lot, @brentsum! I didn’t want to bother you with technicalities using the Intercom chat, but it’s good to know that channel is also available for such things too! :slight_smile:

Regarding lesson 12, I’ve decided to move away from the hovering menu and instead opted for a focus group which shows up when a certain element is clicked (in this case, the user’s picture or name), just like the Bubble website uses. Works like a charm, with no aparent conflict with other elements, and looks good, in my opinion!

Lesson 16: Animate element didn’t do the trick, the popup was closed almost instantly, with not much of a delay after the “update listing” button was clicked. I managed the following solution, however: create an alert in the main page (the one from which the popup is called, instead of having it in the popup), which is shown once the pop up is closed. Seems to work quite fine.

Lesson 18: I can’t wait to see that - thanks a bunch and please keep me posted!

Once again, I have to say that your course has been quite a learning experience and more than worth it! I am now completely hooked to Bubble, coming from absolutely zero knowledge of it or how it works, and already finding out my own solutions to some of the issues we naturally face when developing a Bubble app. The documentation and particularly this forum are great for that, BTW.


Thanks @thepiper, and nice thinking with the popup on Lesson 16!

My goal when recording the course was to explore as many scenarios in Bubble as possible. That way, you can build and customize a ton instead of just cloning Airbnb. It’s my version of the “teach to fish quote” - “Teach someone to clone Airbnb, and they will clone an app in a day. Teach them the core concepts + strategies to build Bubble apps, and they will make apps for a long time to come” :slight_smile:


@brentsum, Just signed up but I could not use the coupon code, please could you make sure my credit card is credited with the right amount?


@smb4apps Done! Just sent you an email as well :slight_smile:

Hi, first of all , thanks a bunch for this course, it is AWESOME !!

I had the same issue as @thepiper regarding lesson 12 with the header, so thanks @thepiper for tip about using the group with focus, solved my issue ! I was stuck on this for a while…

Also, on Lesson 17, I can’t get the recipient’s thumbnail and name to appear in the conversation list… in the data tab, it doesn’t look like the recipient info is passed to the conversation, recipient field is always empty… any ideas ?

I really don’t regret forking out the monthly fee to get this content, really helps!

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OK, fixed it for lesson 17, i forgot to add the ‘Display data in popup’ action in the workflow…

Hi, could you maybe explain in the lessons note somewhere how to do the unique ID within bubble, not with blockspring ? my trial expires soon, and I don’t think it’s worth the fee for me just now…
Thanks ! Almost done with the course, it really is great.

Thanks @marj! Glad you’re enjoying the course. I’d be happy to share with you a few tips to get your Airbnb project working with Bubble :slight_smile: Could you either chat with me on the site or send an email to [email protected]?

cool, just sent you an email. chat app seems deserted ? :wink:

@marj replied to your email. Had a few issues with the chat app but it’s back online now :slight_smile:

Hi all,

for anyone who might be interested, I found a roundabout way of getting a short unique ID, without blockspring and without the bubble unique id (which is not so random when truncated to a short (5-8 characters ) string…

I just used the google URL shortener API, using “this url” in worflow, truncated from end to 6, that seems to work ! if anyone sees any major issue in doing so, please advise… I don’t actually know what I’m doing ! :joy:

EDIT: this does not work if you use the same url for different things, google gives you the same short url.

Nice work @marj! Love the idea as a workaround :slight_smile:

This week I’m releasing a big update to the Airbnb course with some great new features: advanced search, mobile-responsiveness and more to help you get your app ready to launch! If you’ve signed up previously, you’ll see these lessons in your account automatically by the end of the week.

If you haven’t signed up, check out

20% off for Bubble users still in effect, just $39 for monthly access! Just use the coupon code “cfsforbubble” when checking out (click on the rocket icon under the Subscribe button to see the coupon area)


Hi Brent,

I signed up two weeks ago and missed the coupon code. Is there a way I can still apply the coupon code to receive the discount?

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@lawrencemurry sure thing, I just sent you a DM :slight_smile:

Hi Brent,

I am signed up to your course, and am having issues on chapter 9, around 8:19.

I am not seeing the parent group’s listing as an option in my appearance tab. Do you know what might be the issue? I was able to follow everything up to this point.

Thank you for this course! Moreover, I have found useful info about the financial side of the development process “How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Airbnb?” -

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