New Website: take a look

Hi all,

Here’s the project I’m working on, recently gone live:

It’s a site to find unique and interesting places nearby.

Keen for feedback on design and idea.


It’s a Google Map…


Yes I guess if you want feedback on the idea the main thing would be like Adam said… why not just use Google Maps haha

Right… granted it’s not rocket science. But I’m not sure it needs to be.

What about the idea that it filters out all the average places and should give users interesting places added by other users…

Would any of you use it?

But… Google Maps does that too. All the places on Google maps are added by users, and you can filter by rating.


Right, I see. My aim is also to provide an alternative to google (while using google maps!) because at least where I live at the moment google is quite bad, as in people don’t generally rate or provide reviews. For me, supporting local businesses is also a big part of the idea, so there would be no chains etc.

Anyway, if anyone wants to get in touch I guess easiest way is through, which links to my telegram.

Keen to hear any ideas how to improve the idea or work on something else.