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🎉 New Year, New Terminal <> Terminal by Afterthought System

New Year, New Terminal!

Hello everyone!

Drake from Afterthought System here, to announce the new changes being made to Terminal, which is Afterthought System’s CAD/MDT service!

So what is new?

New pricing model

It is no secret that our pricing model has evolved in many ways over the course of our operation. We try to evolve our pricing strategy as we see shifts in the CAD/MDT market. A recent shift has pushed us to reevaluate our competitive pricing and decide it was time for another shake-up.

Effective immediately, Terminal will be adopting a new pricing strategy. You can view our new pricing model on our website. With this new rollout is also coming our new buyout program.

Our buyout program is aimed towards users of other CAD/MDT systems, to ease their transition worries. If you are currently a paid member of SonoranCAD, RocketCAD, or GenCAD, you can send us your receipt and be credited for your remaining time on their system if you switch to our system.

This is a manual thing that our team has to do, so please be patient if you do submit a buyout request.

New logo

The Terminal logo is also something that is changing. The current logo has been one that we’ve never really loved. So, for this new year, we are also releasing a new logo that will be used for Terminal. I’ll be honest here, this logo is one that, though simple, I’ve come to love. You can see the new logo at the top of this email and our website.

New Civilian Manager - Fully responsive

On another note, we have sunsetted the old civilian persona and have released the new civilian persona we have been beta testing for the past few weeks. We believe it’s ready to go, but if you notice anything odd- like a bug, please file a bug report here.

That’s all we have for this update, and we hope to have some of you join us with our new FREE PLAN!

Drake and Johnny
Afterthought System


Asset 1

Hi everyone!

We’re here to share some recent game-changing additions to Terminal!

What’s new?

New Portal Page

Toward the beginning of this month, we introduced a newly redesigned portal page. This new design provides a more fluid look to our software.

Some key highlights:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Dark mode compatible
  • New design and feel

New community homepage

We shipped a new community homepage that has new UI/UX providing all community members with a better user experience.

Some key highlights:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Dark mode compatible
  • New UI/UX

New community join page

We shipped a new join page that has a complete UI/UX redesign to provide a more fluid behavior when joining a community on Terminal.

Some key highlights:

  • Mobile responsive
  • True whitelabel, removing our logo when you’re on our paid plan
  • Reworked UI/UX

Introducing our API

We just released our API into a beta. We have a 911 and Panic endpoint. More details about our API are on our documentation page here.

Drake and Johnny
Afterthought System