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New Zealand company looking to develop MVP

We are a small environmental consulting firm based in New Zealand wanting to offer a SaaS product to the Waste Management industry in NZ alongside our usual consulting services.

The goal is to develop an online platform for tracking of contaminated soil disposal and the compliance of Waste Accepting Facilities (WAF). We want a responsive web app to handle Permit Requests from Waste Generators (WGs), intending to dispose of soil at WAFs that can receive the soil, depending on the concentration of contaminants.

The Permit Request process should be a Form the includes a number of specific details about the source site of the soil, any known contamination, any exisiting environmental investigations, expected volumes etc… There would be some logic that presents the WG with a list of appropriate WAFs that the soil could be taken to, based on their specific consent conditions ie.
The WG can select as many appropriate WAFs to apply to as they please. Upon completion of the Permit Request form, the Permit Request should be sent to all WAFs selected by the WG.

WAFs can Accept, Reject, or Request Further Information in response to a Permit Request. Once accepted, the WAF can propose an approximate per-tonne quote for accepting the soil in question. Soil arriving at the WAF can be manually logged against the approved permit.

Both WG and WAF should be able to see a table of past and present Permit Requests, filter them, and generate reports and PDFs of individual or groups of Permit Requests.

District councils (‘Regulator’ user class) should be able to see the activity of specific WAFs on an opt-in basis for the purpose of consent monitoring.

We would be looking to build a relationship with a freelance developer to build this MVP, maintain it, and develop new features as we grow.

We have used Miro to flesh out some of the specific scope details.


Hi @thomas.wilson983,
I really like your project, and I have developed a Bubble plugin which actually already covers part of your requirements (pdf reports automation: [Plugin Announcement]: Easiest, professional and affordable PDF creation for Bubble (docx to PDF)).
So I would be happy to help you with your project.
I have sent you a direct message with my contact details,

Hi Thomas,
I am an experienced Bubble freelancer and I would be glad to help you build this out.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,