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Newbie - Basic Dropdown List of a column from a Data Table (no CurrentUser Link)

Basic Dropdown List

Hi Folks - new to Bubble. I have a table with a column of texts that I would like to show in a form in a dropdown from which the user can select

Data Table: MType
Data Field: MType; selection_criteria

Currently the ‘Issues Warning’ tells me what I need is a list of texts and what I have a is a text!
How do I convert this to a list of texts.

I guess the real challenge is: How to get data from a table where there is no CurrentUser connection?

Make Sense???

Can you share screenshot of your actual setting?

Jici - thanks for the response - sorry late replying.

After multiple hours of trial and error I have a dropdown working showing the column data from the Data Table. Now to attempt to insert that data into the User Table - as multiple selections!

This is a real learning curve coming from SQL, DB management and JS development!

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