Newbie - Building Scoring App


I’m very new to the nocode world and have no experience so have just been trying to read and watch videos and soak in as much as I possibly can to see whether I can pull this off!

My problem is I need an app that will allow me to track scores from an axe throwing game league season.
I currently use paper score cards during the game and then input all the data into a spreadsheet.
This works, BUT I have over 30 league members now and it’s getting very time consuming and impractical to keep doing it this way.
I want to know whether my ideas are even possible using bubble - So if anyone has either built something similar or knows of someone who has, please point me in their direction!

So here is the basics,
A season goes for 8 weeks, with 1 night of play each week (thursday)
So I have 30 throwers who each have to throw 4 games each week
Over the season they will throw 32 games in total.
From those games we have bonus score options throughout that I need to be able to keep track of as well such as bullseyes and diamonds.

We keep track of each game a thrower plays as well as summing up the total of their 4 games for the week.
At the end of the 8 weeks we have a total for the season and this determines the winners.

Any suggestions on where is the best place to start would be greatly appreciated!

Also, the more context you provide with your questions (screenshots, link to an open app, etc.), the more likely you’ll get good help quickly :slight_smile:

Ideally, we would be able to use the app to score the individual matches each thursday night.
Each thrower will go up against another person (but sometimes the numbers are uneven so the choice for 1 target screen or 2 would be awesome if i could manage to create that!

What is it that you’re trying to achieve? In addition to saving time, do you also see benefits in making the scoring public by displaying it in a Bubble app?

If the scoring is just for internal purposes, then I’d definitely recommend sticking to your spreadsheet and make the spreadsheet itself more user friendly so that there’s no need to use paper score cards in the first place.

However, if you wish to build it in Bubble, it’s definitely something that can be done. All you need is a form (with a bunch of dropdown/input elements to score each axe throw) for each game that you can save to your database.

How to structure the database is another question, but it shouldn’t be too complicated based on your post.

HI, thank you for your reply, i do appreciate it!
I did consider sticking to my spreadsheet, but want our throwers to be able to access the scoring app themselves as well as us using it for our competition.
I guess the bigger picture is quite large and I need to start small, but ultimately it’s purpose is for throwers around the world to be able to access and use as well.

The structure is probably what I am most struggling with, but I am watching and going through the academy to try and understand things more before I continue. Thanks again.

I do have an idea on how to build this. Would be happy to discuss further

I’m certainly open to any advice you have to offer!

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