(Newbie) Filter a data type by a repeating group specific field cell value from another data type

I am essentially trying to build the Tags repeating group of figure 3 below.
The tag names are pulled from from figure 2.
In order to get the products count for each tag (figure 3), I do a search for Product but I am unable to filter Product by the current cell tag’s name (figure 4).
(A product may be associated with 0, 1 or more than one tag, basically a list of tags.)
Thanks for your help.
figure 1:

figure 2:

figure 3:

figure 4:

Try referencing the unique_id variable instead of the tag name. That is how the list of tags you reference is saved in the DB

I am stuck on filtering by tags as well. At one point it was working then it stopped… I guess this is a good time to take another look at it.

Might need to do an Advance Filter using filtered operator

Hmm… “Tags contains Current Cell’s Tag” doesn’t work? I’m on the go so I can’t check.

Thanks very much to @insightrade , @boston85719 and (gracefully third participant)

to @insightrade : I understand that by default, unique_id is the primary key of a data type.
However, since each row entry in the Tag app data has a unique name, does it matter if I set the primary key to Name ?

  • I think I am right in using the keyword contains since I am comparing a list of tags with a text cell value (" Current cell’s Tag Name ")

(My understanding is that I would have to use the keyword intersects in the query if I was comparing a list with another list)

The issue checker gives me the following error message :
Search for Products:value should be Tag but right now it is a text.

  • I both do not properly understand the error message (since the Tag name is of text type) and have no idea how to convert the value to the Tag data type .



Either of these posts may be helpful

The somewhat counter-intuitive filter on the first screenshot below solves the issue.