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Newbie question: When "stacking" different properties to change in the conditions app, why does it not show?

To practice/learn bubble, I am doing the ‘More features for your to-do app’ lesson that bubble provides.

My goal is this:
(1) For unfinished Todos with a Due date in the past, change the shown Due date to instead show “X days ago”, in red font, to add urgency

I managed to get the “X days ago” working, by adding another element and then adding conditional logic to make ‘this element visible’ only when the due date is past today.

But when I add other properties to change (make text bold) and font color FF0000), the changes do not show up.

My logic is here:


  • Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?
  • Generally, does anybody know whether it is possible to find solutions to these exercises? That would really cut my learning time.

Thanks in advance for any answers!

Tom from Amsterdam, Netherlands

You have to check the boxes if you want to it change to bold and visible :wink:


@tom15 why you need to use “This element is visible” for this text element?

the main goal is to replace (for example) “Sun 2 January, 2022” with “1 days overdue” in the repeating group?

Hey ,

The goal is to replace the date for “X days overdue”, but only when the date is overdue. What I did is I made two elements, one with the date and one with “X days overdue”. I toggle show / hide for both based on whether it is in the past or not.

Do you think there is a easier way?

BTW I find out that I should change the bold and font color in the normal text properties, then it does not have to be a conditional formatting.

Hey Tom,

I think it is easier when you simply change the text when the condition is overdue.


Sem from Groningen The Netherlands

Hey Tom, I’m doing the same lesson as you! I’m trying to change the text when the condition is overdue but can’t figure out to put to get “x overdue” What did you put in the editor?

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