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Newbie Warning - App Sign Up Button

I just decided to test Bubble and I can’t get past the first task! When creating a new app, the Sign Up button is already there. Is this supposed to be functional right out of the box using the preview? Or does this app have to be “live” first?

I tried a test user in preview and nothing happened. The pop up disappeared but no new user was added to the user type.

Do I need to add something to the workflow to add a user record?

Hi, welcome to Bubble.
Here’s a link to a (non official) tutorial for user functionality
Read the description in the video first.


Thanks for the tutorial. Hopefully the lightbulb will go on as I keep learning from my mistakes!

As far as my login issue, the users WERE added to the database. I didn’t notice that because the login button workflow didn’t include a page re-direct. Once I added that I saw the change.

Now on to my next test…


No worries :slight_smile:.
Ahhh, I see. It sure did sound like it should have worked.

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