Newbie with an app idea - Help please!

Hi Bubblers!

I have an app I am wanting to create and need some help with ideas on where to start (best templates to start with?).

The following is not the idea, but I’m using a hypothetical that would require all the same elements as my idea.

Ok, so say you are a property inspector and you want an app that you can add in clients, then under each client add in their properties. And then when you do a property inspection, you can pick a property and then fill out your property report for that property, then send the report and an invoice to the client. Say your property inspections happen regularly, like monthly or quarterly and you would like to also add pics into your report each time, and be able to compare pics from different reports (same property) from time to time.

You would want to be able to see the history of billing and reports under each property and also client.

you would also have a scheduling function for property inspections so that each day you could see what inspections you have on your list to do. You do not need to have clients book in a specific time, but you would want clients to ‘request’ an inspection and then when it’s booked in be sent a booking confirmation and then reminder say 24hrs before.

Is this all possible in Bubble? Is this really complicated? Are there templates with these elements that I can purchase to make my life easier? Can you buy multiple templates for all the elements you need and mash them together?

This would be an app for public purchase via subscription, so would need to admin panel for users I would imagine.

Thanks for your help/input/ideas! I’d also be happy to discuss someone else developing the app depending on the cost of course.

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