Newbie with an app idea

I am trying to make a website or web app with some features but I’m not sure whether bubble supports these features or have plugins and functions to add these features. is our site already live with free products,build in Wordpress, But I and client want to switch to

Features are as below:

  1. After login customer can download pre-available digital product which are free with the extension (eg. pdf, ppt,jpg.png) customer wants.
  2. Package product: After login, Customer can purchase digital goods in the form of package(bundle of goods) . I created a website.Same as godaddy sells shared hosting server packages.
  3. Subscription based access: After login, customer can subscribe monthly or yearly basis and have download access to paid digital products for free.
  4. Customer support: Once, customer makes a purchase of any of our package or subscription product , customer should be allowed to chat with our designer for making changes in design.
  5. Free digital products like logo , ppt, slideshow should be editable using Google slide api or any similar API.

Any idea , Can I build my app with above features easily with ?

That’s all pretty straight forward in Bubble. The only tricky item might be #5 - depending on how you want the UX to flow, but have a browse through some of the google plugins and I’m sure you’ll find something that has already done most of the heavy lifting for you.

Thanks for alot for instant reply. As I have to update client for budget. Do these feature requires paid plugin/API or its free ? [Except google slide api]

All out of the box, included in whatever plan you subscribe to. Although you may find some cheap plugins to ease your dev if you choose