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Newcomer with an idea and a bunch of questions!

I have an exciting idea in mind for a marketplace and am doing initial research into different platforms to get this off the ground. Any suggestions / advice relating to whether these features can be facilitated would be greatly appreciated!

  • My idea involves connecting 3 different types of professionals plus the consumers. Can the platform manage this, (ie perhaps the client signing up to my marketplace able to create profile under one of the 4 distinct groups?)
  • Is there room to grow with this? Ie add additional groups if required in future?
  • I’d like each of the professionals to have the ability to upload a free resource such as a video or PDF doc which is accessible by the consumer for free, but also paid resources.
  • Does it offer a search engine feature for this resource database, that can be searched across various custom fields?
  • Is there the ability to include / add on webpages so it’s actually a website with the marketplace, or would a website have to be separately set up then connected somehow?
  • Or add on features / apps such as a calendar that professionals can add info to?
  • How does the email database connection work ie: clients list items and the consumers on a particular list are emailed as appropriate items are listed?
  • In the event of needing to cancel membership, can all of my data including all client data (profiles, resources etc) be imported elsewhere? Ie retrievable and is everything backed up?
  • Are there limitations on my own custom branding - font, layout, uploading my logo, colour scheme etc?
  • Is it pretty user-friendly for someone with experience in wix, weebly etc?

Sorry for all my questions! I hope they’re somewhat clear. Love to hear from you guys soon!

Many thanks in advance for your feedback,


Yes it can be done. I suggest you have a look at the training in your account section and other resources. This will give you an idea of what can be done.

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Yes, sounds very doable.

It is a step up from Weebly, and you don’t get it looking so good from the start. Weebly templates are great.

But it isn’t that much different, just more to play with.

As above, do the tutorials. They are great.

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Thanks so much! Great to hear a positive response :wink:

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The only thing that you should be weary of…I created a video marketplace only to find out that there is no way around the current file upload limit of 50 mbs, so the marketplace is not yet functional. (basically) every video is over 50mbs, so if video is a large part of your business model, i would find another project for now.

Ziggeo may well allow larger files, although I don’t think they are downloadable. You can certainly play quite large files.