▬ NewDawn RP (NDRP) ▬ New Server | Hiring Staff | LEO | FIRE | EMS

▬ NewDawn RP (NDRP) ▬

Realistic RP and fun interaction. Interactions between members don’t always have to be violent crimes and bank robberies, instead, maybe you host a car meet, or start a legitimate business, smuggle drugs, the possibilities are endless if you’re willing to get creative!

▬ NDRP Features ▬

• Public Cop, Fire Dept, Whitelisted LEO
• Hundreds of Custom Vehicles both Civilian, Police, Fire and more always being added!
• Hundreds of Interiors!
• Custom Scripts such as:

  • Gameplay enhancements
  • Realistic Damage
  • Airbags
  • Deadly car crashes
  • Fire selector
    & much more!

NDRP strives to have some of the best role play enhancements and a new and friendly experience!
It’s a “New Dawn” on a new server, stop by and see what we’ve got waiting for you. The time is now.