News Feed for Updates of Fields


I am trying to build a news feed within an app that will track and display a list of when one or more of a things fields have been modified.

The thing would be a lead with a project name, address, list of recent news articles, etc. If I was to update the lead with a new article I would like to have that show at the bottom of a repeating group news feed.

The way I am thinking about doing this is to add a data type lead feed with all the same fields as the data type lead. Then when I hit the update button having a workflow that will make changes to the primary lead data, then setting up a conditional statement that will pass any modified or new information to a secondary workflow that will create a new thing of any updated information to the data type lead feed.

The issue I see is that things only have one modification date associated with the entire thing, and not the individual fields.

The method I’ve thought of above seems pretty elaborate. I was just wondering if anyone out there had any better simpler ideas on how to create this functionality.

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Check this post:

I implemented what @keith suggested and works very well.

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