Newsapi plugin settings

I have set the plugin settings at as shown below and added a textbox for headlines and explanation texts.
You can find the techcrunch site in the example below.
But the articles won’t load could you help me about this matter?


From the documentation at it appears they don’t support sorting by ‘latest’ from all sources.
Can you try the sortBy parameter as ‘top’ and see if it works.

Thanks for reply.
But I get this error :

LocationService: Error requesting doapicallfromserver

Okay it seems Newsapi is launching a new version (v2) of the api today. Probably has something to do with that since they changed the endpoints for their calls. We will try to update this plugin something this week to accommodate those changes.

Hello gaurav

Can you please help me setting up news app which will collect its
1- link
2- resized image
3- Small description ,

as shown in image i tried to do but getting error , please find enclosed image ,
thanks in advance

is it possible to resize image of article