Newsletter repository

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to create an app that can scrape/look for newsletters that exist on the web for a particular theme/topic and allow users to subscribe or read the content?


Creating the app won’t be a problem. Finding a source for the newsletters will be your main challenge, since newsletters are non-standardized.

Hi Rob. Thanks for replying.

What do you mean by finding a source?

What if I curated my own list of newsletters but just wanted the app to pool them together and regularly display latest content from them.

As well as allowing users to search these newsletters by category?

I’m not sure I understand what you have in mind here. Couple of options, perhaps you can clarify which is most accurate:

  1. You will have a curated list of newsletters which you will categorize and provide a link in your web app that users can follow and subscribe to on the newsletter providers’ site; or

  2. You have a list of newsletters which you will categorize and you want your app to scrape the latest version that your users can search in your app.

1 is a straight forward CMS type implementation.
2 will depend on where you are getting the newsletters from /delivery method. For instance if it is delivered to your inbox you could create a workflow that turns the email into an item in your app’s data base with specific tags / categories, etc.

Definitely 2 is more closer to what I’m thinking. I’d want the user to be able to read the newsletters on the website and subscribe/go to the newsletter providers website if needed.

Mostly will be newsletters that come to the inbox, does this make things any easier?

Do you have an idea of how easy or complex this would be to set up and what a workflow could look like?


I’d have a play around with integration options like Zapier or Integromat for linking a received email to a Bubble workflow.

E.g. “When email received with label X” → “Create new Bubble item” and let that item hold the email body.

That’s a basic approach for getting content into Bubble - there will be more to do on Bubble side of course but totally doable.

Neat idea, keep me posted!