Nexmo / Vonage SMS Inbound: Bubble Returning 405

Hi, I’m trying to receive inbound SMS through Vonage (Nexmo). I have established the endpoint much like any other including the Send 200if condition not met.

The service requires a 200 response be sent for it to stop sending the messages.

At the moment, it keeps sending them because Bubble is returning a 405.

Any idea why my force 200 is not working?

See below for set up…(the condition is deliberately bogus as I’m

The response from Vonage’s logs is as follows…

170000027511D1B8 2020-05-20 06:12:51 15124265078 14253338103 310090 AT&T Mobility

HTTP Response: 405


Response: got a non-200 response [ 405 ] from partner for MO/Callback url [

Any ideas?

405 means the HTTP method is not allowed. Bubble can only handle POST requests - is it another method, e.g. GET?

Thanks @reger-alexander. Is there any way for Bubble to accept the http method? My only thought is having to use an intermediary like Zapier, but for high volume stuff like SMS, that seems outrageously unreliable.

You can find more on this topic here

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