"Next" instead of "Go" on mobilekeyboard

Hi everyone - I have a page that requires a lot input from the user. In the mobile view (when you’re actually using your phone), the mobile keyboard doesn’t show “Next” button that allows the selection to move to the next input (Instead, it only shows “Go” button that doesn’t do anything) Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you.

Could you share a few screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Are these inputs nested inside of a parent group? That may be part of the issue. But hard to tell based on a text description alone.

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As you can see on the bottom right, the keyboard shows “Go” On a typical website, it would show “Next” where it just moves the selection to the next input. “Go” doesn’t move the selection anywhere. I hope this makes sense. Thank you.

Are these inputs nested within a group? Feel free to PM a link to the app / editor and I’ll take a look.

I’ve tried both where it’s nested in a group and as individual elements. But I will PM the editor. Thank you!

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Sorry, but I am guessing new users can’t send PMs? Thank you.