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NFT Marketplace team

Hi all!

I’m in the process of building an NFT marketplace and would love to join forces with other experienced bubblers to complete this project and turn it into a business.

A little about me, I’ve been using bubble for over 5 years and I’ve built multiple marketplaces in the past using it, and currently work fulltime in one of them.

The NFT space shows huge promise and I’d rather build it on bubble than use traditional methods, so I’m looking for a passionate 2-4 person team with complementary skill sets (especially with experience in blockchain, smart contracts, etc) to launch this project and take it to the moon! In other words I’m looking for partners and not outsourcing the web development to an agency.

If this sounds interesting to you message me and we can discuss further.



How did this go? Did you build an NFT marketplace?

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Hey there, its currently being built :slight_smile:

Hely ! Did you launch it ?
I’m interested to see what it’s looks like :wink:

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