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No-Code App Builder Like Bubble

Just found out about, a no-code mobile app builder and wondering if anyone’s ever used it and can give their experience before jumping the gun.

Adalo is very basic/ off the shelf. I wouldn’t consider it useful if you want to define custom logic. If I wanted something very basic however, I’d choose Glide over Adalo.


Thanks, will check out Glide

Glide is amazing … You can build things so quickly over the top of a Google sheet.

Adalo has come a long way. Love the editor but it is not as flexible in the back end. Definitely one to watch.

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Not long ago I needed a no-code mobile app builder to create a file to build a basic monitoring system. I am not a developer or programmer. It is difficult for me to work with Google sheets, so I decided to look for something simpler. I found out about flipabit platform where I managed to make a small program for linking working accounts in a sugar monitoring system not so long ago. I can remotely access transmits wherever I am. I have data transmitters and signal amplifiers at home. So, this program collects all the information from all the interaction points and transmits it to my transmitter. After that, all the data is displayed on my smartphone.

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