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No-code / low-code agency owners and their preference for hiring PMs

If you were an agency looking to hire PM would you prefer a contractual, on as-and-when-needs-basis, but for a long term working relationship, or would you would prefer a full time a employee?

In terms of PM I am referring to a mix of project and product management. In my view a project focussed role is more focussed as you can see in this illustration and a product manager is a deeper, broader role, more value focused role (and better for client retention and product success) that you can see in this illustration.

Asking as I’ve been up-skilling in no-code / low-code for more than 8 months and once I’ve built a product that demonstrates my know-how, I’ll be reaching out to agencies. The app I’m currently building is Big Goal

Any responses would be super helpful to me in my positioning / approach.


It depends on your company needs. If you have enough projects and regular tasks to afford yourself a full-time PM - hire a full-time PM :slight_smile:

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Majority of agencies have the founders as PM…some larger ones may have hired full time staff for that role. I’d expect that if the agency is not large enough to hire full time, the agency founder is acting as the PM.


As far as I see (so far) most PMs are more project managers in no-code. Would you see an opportunity to hire an experienced pm on an needs basis for certain projects/complexity? Like a productsied services - around discovery and scoping - for example, and / or if they gain traction and need deeper product support?

Thank you for your response. I am considering positioning myself with a balance of project and product skills that may suit an agency well. Just testing peoples opinions.

Agree. Its a very valid point. Though a founder is a more expansive role and discipline in itself, and unless he/she been a previous founder, may lack PM / UX and interview skills (also a discipline in them selves).

I’m just trying to feel out if I should continue with the aim of pitching myself as a PM to an agency while working on my own side projects in my spare time. Or try another route (I did previously run an agency but the cash flow was not ideal, not least due to my poor marketing skills).

Thank you.