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No-code/low-code as a path to code?

I’m curious to learn more about why you all have picked up Bubble development. What is your end-game? Are any of you aiming to get into web development, and have picked up Bubble as a starting point? Did any of you start off thinking you were no-code and then found yourself starting to learn CSS/JS to fill in the gaps of your Bubble projects?

For my part, I started off doing traditional software development and now do a mix of code and low-code/no-code work, mostly independently but also with the help of subcontractors. I hope to hire more this year for an existing business I work on, which uses a Django tech stack. There’s a lot of talent in this community (and I just like this community in general), so part of the reason for posing this question is that I’m keeping an eye out for up-and-coming web devs. But I’m also just curious.