No-Code Meetup: NYC

Hi all! I am hosting a no-code discussion for anyone here in NYC who is interested in the movement as a whole. See the details below. - Erik

NoCode tools are an incredibly powerful way for founders to quickly and efficiently test new tech ideas and build businesses without writing a line of code. From running teams to launching new products, there are No-Code tools for just about every type of company, and with them a growing community of people who are successfully starting and scaling businesses with them. If you are interested in learning more about these tools and meeting other builders and makers, join us for a night of conversation and networking.

Together we’ll discuss:

• What is and what isn’t a No-Code tool - No-Code vs Low-Code
• Who are the major No-Code players
• How to choose which platform to build on
• What are the best applications for No-Code tools

We’ll have folks from Coda and Bubble there to help guide the conversation and answer any questions you might have about getting started.

Have another friend who is interested but hasn’t started using a No-Code tool? Bring them along! We welcome all levels of experience and interest.

See you there!
Erik & Al