No Data Returned for two phones


I’ve built an app that supports about 100 users. It is working well, but I have had two users that can’t see the correct data in a repeating group.

This is what the user sees

But the number members booked shows 0/14 but should show a positive integer say 8/14.

This problem occurred with a very old phone (which I thought was the issue), but now happens on a Samsung S8 on both chrome and the samsung browser. The issue is not intermittent.

Here is the code that works out the number of booked members:



I would appreciate any input on this issue.

Thank you

Did you test on desktop and other navigator?
Are you sure it’s not a privacy setting issue? (User is not logged in, and privacy will allow search only if user is logged in for example)…

Thanks for the quick response.

I’ve tested on quite a few browsers (mobile and desktop) and never seen this before.

When the user reported the issue yesterday I watched them sign-in into the app. The parent group won’t show until the user is logged in.


There are no privacy settings for the data being returned. Are there privacy settings in the browser that could cause these issues?

I’ve found the issue.

The time location on that phone is not set correctly and is causing the incorrect data to be returned.

Thanks for the help.

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