No data showing when i enter the page slug directly on browser

hey bubbles, why is my data not showing when i enter one of my page directly from the browser url?

can someone help me with this? how do we access a page from the browser url with data in it?

The the obvious questions are:

  1. Do you actually have data in the database relating to the slug
  2. Have you set your pages up correctly to use the slug

hey adamholmes, thank you for the reply!

  1. i didnt know if i have one? it showed everything on “preview” page but when it comes to directly enter the page url from my browser after deploying it to live, all the data is missing?

  2. how do i set it? can you elaborate more on this?

Your ‘live’ database is completely separate from your ‘development’ database…

So if it was working on preview but not in your live app then the likelihood is your live database is empty (which it will be unless you’ve created data in it, or copied your development database to your live database).

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i see, thank you adam! it really helps! :star_struck:

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