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No/Low-Code tool to generate front end only

Hi all;
I’m looking for a No/Low-Code tool that can help to generate a fancy front end only
with some proprieties like

  1. can join easily to the back end by Restful web service
  2. can use not only on the cloud but also on premises

There’s a new no code app in development right now called Brevity, it exports code you can run locally or on a web server. It’s in closed beta right now, but the founder said it should hit public beta early 2023.

  1. we do that with bubble by using API request only.
  2. could use enterprise edition to self host

Not a lot of no code / low code tools are as good as Bubble. So, I would just go with Bubble and use their API connector plugin to connect to an external backend.

There is another tool which is getting very close, it’s You can host it also in other / private clouds. So it might be an option for anyone having GDPR issues or wanting to comply with HIPAA regulations.

MVP Design

Dang, looks really cool.

It really is cool. To be honest it is a bit rough around the edges. Not as smooth as Bubble, let’s say it is at the moment more geared towards developers (f.i. easy access to Javascript through the function and script nodes). Bubble’s UI + speed of development is exceptional to be honest. But if you need to self host, might be the answer. In their upcoming release 2.8 they will add cloud functions (equivalent of Bubble’s backend workflows).

This is super interesting to me. I’ve been trying to find the best balance between code and no code. Zapier has always been an easy tool for quick and dirty integrations, but it has also been unreliable at the most inconvenient times.

My entire career has been built inside code. One of the front-end developers I’ve worked with for years suggested bubble a few months ago, and I initially scoffed at the idea that no code was even brought up. He pressed me hard on it for a couple weeks, so I set up an account, and built an entire CRM in like 4 days just to see what bubble could do. I keep logging in and adding more functionality in my downtime.

Long story short, I’ve been using bubble for about 2 months, and I’ve built more in those 2 months than I built in the last 2 years, and I’ve just been messing around. It’s pretty amazing to me.

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Stop looking and stick to bubble, I do advanced coding with remote sql servers API’s
ai. etc and it works beautifully.



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There’s still nothing that touches Bubble and I doubt that will change for a long long time. The only exception is for building native mobile apps where SAP Build Apps Community Edition (formerly AppGyver) and Flutterflow are a better fit. A new tool called Toddle is worth keeping an eye on but it’s not even in beta just yet. Fundamentally all of the new players have a mountain to climb before they come close to Bubble and by then Bubble will be a bigger mountain, provided they continue to innovate and do so at a faster pace. I would place my bets on Bubble - as I have actually :slight_smile:

Exporting code is an overrated feature IMHO, (I’m a coder by profession), you can export it, then what?? You’ll need a team of expensive engineers to do anything with it and, trust me, they’ll be in your office or on Zoom everyday begging you to let them start from scratch with code.

Anyways, my two cents.


I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a front-end developer for a long time (I know my way around back end tech as well, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, SQL, etc.). Maintaining code, refactoring code, version control, dealing with basic day-to-day bug fixes takes time. Not to mention, when PHP 7.4 hit end of life a few months ago, my team spent over 2 months refactoring our custom Wordpress plugins.

The transition from writing code to a more visual approach is crazy. Bubble users don’t even realize how powerful the platform is. As someone who’s been writing code for 20 years, I’m amazed every time I use bubble when I think about how long it would take to code a simple headless front-end like the OP here is asking about. Bubble can do it in a few hours.


Some of us very very do. It’s also the abstraction of the DevOps piece of the puzzle that blows my mind… it’s crazy to me that such a valuable aspect of the platform doesn’t really get any attention at all.


From your mouth to god’s ears, my friend. I literally haven’t written a single line of code on bubble, I haven’t had to spin up a droplet or any specific local environments, no config files, no composer dependencies, no migration files, no routing, literally nothing… Just pure unadulterated visual programming. Now I get bug fixes and requests from my clients, and I’m like “I could have done this in bubble in 5 minutes” while begrudgingly trying to understand my own comments in the code.


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