No red border even the "This input should not be empty" in dropdown

I am trying to make the dropdown show a red border when there is no selected option in dropdown, i tried to create a condition when the value of dropdown is empty, but it is immediately triggered after the page loaded. The behavior that i am looking for is that it was black initially and upon clicking the dropdown and select nothing, it should turn red(without needing to click any button since i want to show the validation right after the changes of every input fields). how may i possibly do this behavior?

Note: This is form is for creating something, so initial value should be empty

Not sure if it works, but you can try adding WF “when dropdown value is changed” and “only when” condition “dropdown value is empty”.

Thank you @artemzheg but unfortunately, i also tried it earlier, but since the dropdown value is not changing when I open and close the dropdown, the WF is not triggering this

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