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No Reply to API Connector

I’m using the API Connector to send raw data to a local printer. I’ve been able to get this to work using port forwarding in my firewall. all data sent to the printer within the plugin panel (where you configure the api) works great (ie. the printer prints, yay). however, the api seems to require a reply from the “server”, which in this case does not happen, and is not really needed. so without the reply it fails to add this plugin into options in the workflow. Any ideas to get this to work?

Can you share a link so that we check? We might have to fix something here.

I’ll pm you the address. here is a screen shot of the settings. when you “Initialize Call” the printer prints (I’m printing to a zebra barcode label printer) but then I get an error “ETIMEDOUT”. So it kind of works but it kind of doesn’t.

if you get ETIMEDOUT that seems like the service you want to connect to (yours) is too slow.