No way to merge database?


Is there not a way to merge both dev and live? Why is the default to over-ride all? :slight_smile:

Hi @pauljamess it’s not possible to merge databases and can you provide a bit more details why you want to do it ?

Dev database is for testing and further development ; live is live :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly you can send Dev database to your live database but I’m not aware of any other option.


Well, you can select the type of thing to overwrite. It must be done carefully, but this is handy for things like system constants. (Like you have a type of thing that is only created by you or other admins, such as some array of dropdown selections or an updated set of user roles or something, or updated system images or something). In that case there’s no need to double your work and recreate those things in Live, just copy that one modified data type).

I agree that it’s a little nutso that you can’t push the whole database and select what things have priority in the case of conflicts.

Everything has a unique ID, right? My User object in Live has the same UID as my User object in Dev. Seems dumb I can’t say, “Look, if this thing exists in both DBs, use [Dev | Live].” And further, “If a thing does not exist in the source, but does exist in the destination, DON’T delete it.”

Sure, such operations would probably take a lot of time, but the way it is is far from doofus-proof. And this being an authoring tool for the tech-challenged… well… :man_shrugging:


+1 for a merge operation when copying from and to a version.

+1 for ability to easily copy individual data type data from development to LIVE within the app instead of exporting CSV from dev and then uploading to LIVE …


Hey just wanted to revisit this…

I have an app where some users have inadvertently been sent to the version-test and signed up.

I need to get their data into the live version however I can’t overwrite the whole DB… There is a bunch of things attached to things.

What my best course of action?