No ZAR Currency Option

Hey everyone

I am pretty upset as i just reached point of realization that bubble does not have a plugin that will allow me to charge ZAR currency in my applications.

initially i thought bubble was the perfect app for my workforce to build apps for clients locally, but without this currency option we unable to use bubble for the intended purpose.

Please correct me if im wrong, is there any other option for me here? I checked worldpay, they actually do have ZAR currency but they dont allow my country to to signup as an option meaning i cant link my bank account to worldpay account, therefore cannot receive payments.

Is there any other work around here?

Hi @themeyer … I am also based in SA and had the same problem. There are two ways of doing this.

The first way is to display the price in ZAR to app users in your user interface but when payment is made (using PayPal) for example the value will be converted to another currency such as USD.

The second way is to use the API Connector and integrate the PayFast API then you can charge directly in ZAR. There is no PayFast Plugin unfortunately so you’d have to set this up yourself.

Hope this helps!

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