NoCodeMayo: Add multiple domains to your Bubble app

A new solution allowing you to add multiple domains to your bubble app. You can also add advanced routing, custom headers, redirects, static files, and more. Everything can be managed using a UI on or automated using the bubble plugin.

Find the startup guide on If you have any questions please email us on or use the chat on the website.


You can also automate anything you like using the bubble plugin.

Unlike other solutions, NoCodeMayo works on all browsers (also safari/ios) and doesn’t use a simple iframe to show pages.

Already 100 bubble apps are using It’s free for 14 days to try out on and very easy to setup!



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Releasing v2 of NoCodeMayo

Hi there,

In the last four weeks, I have been working on a new version of NoCodeMayo. A better way to add multiple custom domains to your bubble app. Yesterday I released a beta of version 2. I recommend everyone to update the plugin to the latest version. I am working on new documentation inside NoCodeMayo and for the plugin.

1 month free or 14 day free trial

End of the week, I am adding a free month to any customer that has an active paid subscription. If you haven’t tried out NoCodeMayo, now is the time. You get a free 14-day subscription!

What am I working on?

I am currently working on launching NoCodeMayo. In the next two weeks, I will focus on documentation and marketing. I will be working on things like:

  • Docs: Improving the instructions inside NoCodeMayo
  • Guides: Adding step-by-step instructions on how NoCodeMayo works
  • Website: Create a landing page on
  • Launch: Announcing NoCodeMayo on bubble forum
  • Referral: Add a way to refer customers and earn discounts
  • Sample: Create a test site with examples of using NoCodeMayo
  • Videos: Record screencasts on how to use NoCodeMayo


After launching, I will be working on improving NoCodeMayo in the coming months. My current roadmap is:

  • Stability: Add a test suite to increase stability
  • Checks: Add more checks so you can’t add invalid domains, routes, etc
  • Errors: Handle 500 errors gracefully
  • UX: Improve the onboarding and management of NoCodeMayo
  • Routing: Improve routing to pass slugs and queries to routes like “from* to /clients/nike”
  • Types: Allow adding other type of website / pages like adobe express, adobe spark, airtable, calendly, clickup, coda, confluence, dropbox paper, formstack, google docs, google forms, hey worlds, hubspot forms, jotform, loom, microsoft sway, notion, roam garden, roam research, substack, trello, typeform, xero.
  • Subfolder proxy: Allow to proxy bubble and other sites using subfolders (like /blog would load wordpress on a bubble site)
  • CSS / Javascript: Add Css / Javascript to any site (also non bubble)
  • JWT: Add JWT tokens to add serverless authentication to any website / page (so you could build things like a membership portol on top of notion)
  • Headers: Add x-forwarded-host & x-forwarded-for support (
  • Body: Allow to add rules to change inside the body[ ] Add regex replace

Thanks you for the support

I want to thank everyone for supporting NoCodeMayo in the last six weeks. Thanks to all the feedback, it’s becoming a solid and stable solution for adding multiple domains to NoCodeMayo.

If you have any other questions or feature requests, just email me or hit me up in the chat!


Ab Advany


I just created a 5-minute youtube video on how to add multiple domain names to your Bubble app using


Look interesting. How safe is it to set this up? I noticed that I’ll have to set my dns settings to what you have there at

Also what is the pricing?

It’s completely save as it is built on amazon AWS and Vercel! You can find the pricing on Pricing for NoCodeMayo

Hi, I have several domains, for countries like Spain, Italy, France and so on.
But just one .com on bubble as custom domain.

Does it work,
to use your plugin to have a country-wise URL for customers coming from France → .fr?
Could use IP / location checkers as trigger, too?

Thanks for help!

…so customers from France should really see the .fr - URL in the URL,
and how would it affect SEO, indexing by google? The domains for international customers, I have baught alredy, but use them just as redirects by now…so they end up all on (cust. domain at

You can add multiple domains to your bubble app. We dont have logic to redirect users to the correct domain. You should ask or detect that inside your bubble app.

SEO depends on a lot of factors. It can help if you have a good SEO strategy.

Thank you, yes, I think of using an app internal (plugin) detector for IP / location, as usual, to block or usw country specific URL, so this woudl work?

Yes that would work!

Hey there, would this support routing for something like a wordpress site (ie, is actually hosted at ?

Currently not. Working on it but not ready yet


Hey! Is this still in action? The link referenced in your initial message to go to the docs gives a 404, and the other link takes me to a sign up page. I’m looking to get more information before signing up. Thanks!

Hi there, service is renamed to

this looks very interesting! I am curious to know if you can dynamically display a domain for dynamic pages? Use case would be for Landing Page Templates that use different branded domains?

Yes, that would be no problem!

Hi @gaimed,

Does NoCodeMayo work as your past plugin SaasAlias that, from what we’ve seen in the dedicated forum thread [plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps, it allowed to automatically create both subdomain and the subapp, and also deploy it - in 3-4 seconds?

We are interesting for a solution like this in order to have people sign for our saas and automatically create the subapps with custom domain quickly.

Thanks and regards,

Hi there,

Yes. There is also an ui to manage that and an API. Its called

awesome! which documentation on your website would I follow to achieve this?

this looks very interesting! I am curious to know if you can dynamically display a domain for dynamic pages? Use case would be for Landing Page Templates that use different branded domains?

Here are the docs. If you have any questions, we are available on the chat