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Hey everyone! :wave:

I just want to share a new video posted on the eLearning Hub. It’s for paid members only. It’s super helpful to understand how to use Option Sets. Here is a video to show you how to use them when creating a Menu with SubMenu items. This is great for your one-page apps. Check it out:

NoCodeMinute - eLearning Hub - Option Sets

More great content coming soon!

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Here is another video added to the NoCodeMinute - Members Only - eLearning Hub - How to Create a Virtual Room and Invite Others with a Link Just like we did in

Hope that helps! :blush:

More videos available on the NoCodeMinute - eLearning Hub, check it out! :blush:

Paid Video: One-Popup
How many popups do you use in your app? Could you just use one and consolidate them instead? Maybe you are thinking this is impossible because of the different data types and functions of the popup. Well, it can be done. Watch this video for tips on how to make use of a popup that does it all. Have one button and one title element in it as well. That way, when you want to change the popup, you only need to do it in one place. Check it out!

Free Video: All of the different ways to Copy and Paste
There are so many different ways to copy and paste in Bubble. Here are just a few that you may not have known about. Even some intermediate users can benefit from watching this video. You can save yourself a lot of time by just learning how to copy and paste the right way. Enjoy!

ENJOY! :blush:

Hey Everyone! :wave:

Just added a new video to the eLearning Hub :tada:

Included with a Paid Membership: Connecting a Domain

No need to struggle trying to figure this out on your own. Watch this video to help you through the process.

Learn how to connect a domain to your app as well as launch your app to live. Learn why using Google Domains is better and also how to use a free email like [email protected] to set up an account that will forward your emails to your personal account. Check it out! Enjoy! :blush:

Want a membership practically for free? If you book at least one 2-hour session a month, you basically get the membership for free using this link: eLearning Hub Discount

When you have a membership you get $10 off link for a 1-hour session each month or a $20 off link for a 2-hour session each month.

Hey all! :wave:

Here is another paid video on how to Bulk Set Slugs on a List.

Instead of using a long unique ID displaying in the URL, why not use a slug. Slugs are reader friendly unique IDs. So instead of having ‘1293088976x09909810’ you would have something like ‘John’ instead. Makes it a lot cleaner, right? Watch this video to find out how to do a recursive loop on your database. Make sure to watch the warnings at the end and learn how to stop a loop that you set accidentally to repeat forever. Enjoy!

Here is the video link: Setting Slugs on a List

Enjoy! :blush:

Here is a sneak peak at what the eLearning Hub looks like, just in case you were curious:

Here is another new paid video added to our eLearning Hub :tada: :confetti_ball:

Check it out: Using the Debugger

Have you ever wondered what the debugger tool for Bubble is and how to use it? See how to go through your workflows using the step by step tool and inspect elements on the screen with this short 5 minute video. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s not as complicated as you think. Take a look. Hope that helps! :blush:


Hey everyone! :wave:

Just added another members-only (paid) tutorial to create a kanban board with drag and drop on our eLearning Hub! :tada:

Check it out: Kanban Board

Learn how to create a kanban board where you can use drag and drop to reorder your list. This helps when creating anything that you might want to use the dragging and dropping functionality in Bubble. There are a lot of different use cases for this skill. Hope it helps! :blush: