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Thanks @ken I hope it will be helpful to every trying to learn bubble. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jagdish_bajaj Thanks for subscribing! I have a lot to share. There are a lot of things that I will share that I wish I would have know when I started learning Bubble. :slight_smile: Hope it is helpful to all those learning Bubble. :+1:

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Just added video #2:
You will laugh at the end. Haha. :joy:

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Lets be putting these comments on his channel as well to boost his ranking and view velocity :slight_smile:

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:pray: Thanks! That would be great! Good idea :bulb:

Just posted a new video for Responsive design tips. Hope this is helpful. Please help me out by subscribing to my channel so I can keep making videos for you all. Enjoy! :man_technologist:

Just added another video. This was so helpful for me when I figured this tip out. Just wanted to share. Enjoy! Please subscribe to keep the videos coming. :slight_smile: Thanks for everyone that has subscribed so far! You are the best!

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I wish you can improve the audio (or maybe it’s my speaker). The effect you’re using is great but the audio modulation (up and down) kind of too deep or too muting, and it make hard to listen. Good job. :slight_smile:


Hey @JohnMark! Thanks for that. I noticed that too. Tomorrow’s will sound better. I used a different microphone :studio_microphone: for tomorrow’s video. I will try to use the better microphone from now on. Thanks! :+1:

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Also some cool dance moves in tomorrow’s video as well. :man_dancing:

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Ok, I just updated the sound on this one. It has some static in the background but it can be heard easier than before I think. Let me know if that is a little better @JohnMark

Much better, I can hear you now :grinning:
add: still have a little bit Fan noise style, but acceptable.
edit2: congrat 32 subsc now

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Yes, the microphone :studio_microphone: didn’t pick up my voice well enough, so instead of doing it all over again right now I just fixed it to a happy medium. Tomorrow’s will be better for sure. I recorded today’s in a library so I didn’t have my recording microphone with me. Oh well, live and learn I guess. :blush:

Thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Yes! 32 subscribers so far. Thanks. I hope to make a lot more videos for free and I have so many ideas still. Your support is so very much appreciated!! :clap::raised_hands:


Just posted a new video, check it out:

Audio is better for these ones. Using the better microphone. :slight_smile: Thanks again @JohnMark for pointing that out last time. :+1:

There is a surprise dance move at the end. :rofl::joy::rofl:

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Here is another video that will be available tomorrow:

Error Checking: (Available May 11th, 2019 8:00am)

Thanks for all your support! The videos are getting better each time, quality and content. :+1:

Just added another video that will be release this Sunday! Stay tuned. Remember to please subscribe to help my channel out and so I can keep producing these videos and longer ones in the future for free. Thanks! :grin:

Image Uploader Improvements: (Available May 12th, 2019 8:00am)

The next video will be available tomorrow! Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Image Uploader Uploading Improvements: (Available May 13th, 2019 8:00am)

Also in the queue is the next video, this one is a little different. It is more of an explainer video than a tutorial. Why is responsiveness so important?

Importance of Responsiveness: (Available May 14th, 2019 8:00am)

Last two links are not accessible. :slight_smile:

Yes. You are absolutely right. They are scheduled. The first one will be released in 3 more hours and the next one 27 hours from now. The goal is one per day. :blush:

I am extra busy with work the next few days so I wanted to make sure I got these scheduled in advance. :wink:

Thanks for checking though! Much appreciated @JohnMark. The videos should be getting better and better too.