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Part 4 is now available of the tutorial to make a grocery list. Enjoy! :grin:

Making a Grocery List - Part 4:

Hey everyone! Here is part 5 for you. Enjoy! Thanks again for everyones support in liking my videos, commenting and spreading the word as well as subscribing to the channel. :slight_smile:

Making a Grocery List - Part 5: (Available Friday May 24th, 8:00am PST)

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Part 6 will be released on Saturday. This one was a fun video. Enjoy!

Look in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no… it’s… :man_superhero:

Making a Grocery List - Part 6: (Available Saturday May 25th, 5:00pm)

Part 5 is now released! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Making a Grocery List - Part 5:

New video will be released on Sunday! Enjoy. I am getting more creative with the cartoons. Hope you guys like it. :blush:

Making a Grocery List - Part 7: (Available Sunday May 26th @ 5:00pm)

You will love this new video! Almost done with the tutorial. Take a look. :slight_smile:

Making a Grocery List - Part 6:

Just released Part 8!!! Enjoy! :slight_smile: Almost done with the tutorial. :raised_hands:

Making a Grocery List - Part 8: (New)

Almost done with the tutorials, just a few more things. :clap:

Making a Grocery List - Part 9: (New)

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The last video on Making a Grocery List is here! :partying_face: I might add a few more tips since there were some requests. Enjoy!

Making a Grocery List - Part 10: (Available May 29th, 8:00am)

Just reached my 100th subscriber! Thanks everyone!



These are great, High Five to you!

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Glad they were helpful :+1: Thanks for the nice comment. :slight_smile:

I love the short bitsized content approach you took with teaching bubble. These are great, one small feedback though…the sound quality is a bit off.

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Subscribed on youtube! Looking forward to more from you!

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Thanks. Yeah. My microphone broke and I finally bought a new one. So any new videos would be better quality. Thanks for the feedback!

Subscribed! I’m still having an issue with TRUBROTHER on my landing page. It doesnt resize on mobile. Tried everything, ugh. It’s always the simple things that are hardest to fix, lol.

Yeah, it can be tricky for sure. What does your editor look like? How are you trying to make it resize?

Finally fixed the issue. I had the font size too large at 125. Put it down to 75. I knew it was something super simple, lol.

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I forgot to post my website on here too. Check it out Also schedule a tutoring session online and be able to share your screen as we work together to create your project. Hope to see you soon!

I have been adding videos to the eLearning Hub mostly, but I felt like this one should be free because it’s so cool and a lot of people could benefit from it.

Added a new one to the list of free videos. This one is over 6 minutes long. Yikes :grimacing:


NoCodeMinute - eLearning Hub - Copy and Paste FREE VIDEO

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