Non-GUI Data Logic Processing

Hi there,

So sorry if this sounds amateurish, it’s my first time using Bubble. I’m trying to build an application that receives data from an API, does a search against a database for a corresponding value and then returns this value via the API. The API parts are for later, right now I’m trying to figure out the basics of the middle layer – the search against a database for a corresponding value.

I’ve created a custom data type, and some data fields for it. Under the non-GUI pure workflow settings however, there isn’t a search function to match fields. I understand this search function can be done via repeating groups / conditional programming under the GUI interface. My question is – can logic processing be done purely through the workflow settings, without involving any GUI elements?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if I am unclear in any respect.

– Daniel

If you create a workflow that has action “Data (Things)->make changes to a thing,” tell it what thing and what field you want to change, then the Dynamic Text in that field will allow you to “Do a Search for” in order to change that field. Does that solve your problem?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I get the error “Thing to change should be anything saveable but right now it is a text”. It seems that I’m getting the error because I’m trying to find a value, not trying to make a change to it.

Does the non-GUI workflow only allow one to make changes to data, not simply do a database search? That would seem odd.

What are you trying to do with the value once you find it?