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Non-technical co-founder

Odd title. For this site.

Usually, when I see this. I think of someone who is trying to exploit someone else to build for free.

At the risk of being a hypocrite. I own a recruiting agency. I have 50 (ish) companies I do business with. I talked to 5 so far. They agreed to pay me a year up front at 30k a pop.

I want to build something to sell to them. I’m thinking internal employee referrals. Nothing sexy. Simple as. They have money. I have a thing. They pay.

I might be able to build it. If you have a good idea. I can hire you. You can be a co-founder. Haven’t thought of the details.

If nothing better, I’m hoping this could be a good thread to jog peoples brains on creating a profitable anything.

That’s it from me. Enjoy the weekend. And congrats to Bubble.

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