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NOOB Help Needed Badly

I’m struggling endlessly to understand where I’ve gone wrong here.

I’m trying to call pre-saved data in a drop down menu and i keep getting this error for the life of me i cannot figure out what the problem is.

Can you provide a link?

From what I can see, the first error is that the data content of the text box is “text” but instead you are displaying an “Airplane” data type.

Second error should be a singular set of “Airplane” data type but instead its a list of “Airplanes”.

I managed to sort out that issue but now for some strange reason despite the font color being set correctly i can’t see ANYTHING in the drop downs yet when i inspect, I see the values where they should be under ‘choices source’.

I think we would need more information to sort that one out.
Provide us with more information, or post a link to the app so we can see it for ourselves.
If you don’t want to post a link to your app here - try to re-create the problem in a test-app, then provide us with a link to that.