Noob here still trying to figure this out

Sup everyone,
this app is pretty cool after realizing what you can build on it, im a pretty huge noob so im still trying to figure how all this stuff works,

So just to give some details, a friend of mines has a small business that sends out paper invoices for his billing (docters office) and he believes it would be very simple if he can just send all his customers to a simple 1-2 page site that his customers go on by entering their name,dob,etc and be given a payment option, basically the way you would pay for something if you had a parking ticket online by inputting the ticket # , dob, name etc, and then paying next after bieng shown a the ticket that you owe. i decided to make this my first project on bubble and it deff is alot harder then i thought.

so something like this basically to give you an idea

  1. first page example of what im talking about

and then right after they enter whatever details they need, it shows them this follow up page or message. this pic may not be the best example, but it would simply be a page/message where it shows what they owe in simple text and also giving them an option to make a payment

ive already made this page so far >>>

if anyone can point me towards a free tutorial or a paid tutorial on creating this type of database for billing specific customers their exact amount that would be cool, ive also read that you can integrate stripe with bubble really well, but i dont want to proceed with that till i can get some basics down.

Just FYI, I don’t think bubble is HIPPA compliant yet. Since you are doing this for a doctors office you may need to be aware of this limitation. Hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:

Not sure where you live or the laws you may have there.

, yeah my buddy told me that as well, i was thinking if stripe is involved then it wouldnt be a problem i was assuming. but im not sure

Maybe do some research. I think it’s more about their personal data. Name and other info. But I’m really not sure. Just be careful with anything medical related for the moment.

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stripe seems to be fine