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Noob question about adding to a list of things


I’ve been trying to get this to work for the entire day, and can’t figured it out.

I have a data structure set up like this :

Data Type “Competence” with various standard fields (name, etc…)
Data Type “Candidate” with standard fields (name, location, remarks, etc… ) and a ‘Competences’ field set up as a ‘List of Competences’.
I am not using the ‘User’ data type, as I don’t plan to have any, app is for internal use.

I have a basic form, the idea is that I can :

  1. create a new candidate with the basic info
  2. create a new competence
  3. add that competence to the newly created candidate.
  4. repeat create a new competence to add to the list of the candidate’s 'competence list.
    and eventually :
  5. save the candidate with all attributes and competences and move on to create a new candidate.

I have no problem creating a new competence thing, and create the candidate, but I cannot figure out how to change the candidate’s List of Competences field with each competence thing I create.

My workflow for adding a competence looks like this :

Create new competence (from inputs) > Make changes to Thing : Current Page’s Candidat with 'Competences add (Result of step 1).

this does not seem add anything to the list of competences. I may have an issue with how my elements are set up ? need grouping of some kind ?

any help would be much appreciated, I’m trying to get the hang of this !

Here is my attempt in the forum app :

Thanks a lot!

Looking at the example in the forum app, you’re adding the Competence to the “Current Page Candidate.” You correctly have the page type set as “Candidate,” but nowhere in the example are you setting what the current page candidate is. Since the page doesn’t have a specific candidate set, there’s nowhere for the competence to get added to. Does this make sense?

thanks for taking a look, I see what you mean, but where / how do you set the current pages’ candidate ?

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Well, that depends on how your user experience flow is going to be. I’d look at some videos or forum posts for “Send data to page,” that’ll give you a good starting point.

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OK thanks. I’ll have a look. I was hoping to keep everything on one page though, so maybe the ‘current page’s candidat’ is not the best option ? any other way I could achieve the same result?

You could put the elements in a Group, then make sure the Group has a type of Candidate. Now, in the Workflow on Candidate creation, you would “Send Data to Group.” When that’s done, you can reference that candidate in subsequent workflows. I did it on that forum page for you to have a look. Let me know if something isn’t clear there.


HAAAAAHH !!! Thank you so much ! this is what I was missing, sending the data to a group…
OK now I can get somewhere !
thanks for your help !

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No problem!