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[noob question] how do I make the bottom of the page keep loading

hi, I want the bottom of the page to keep loading as the user scroll/sweeps down. My question is do I just change the background height or I have to do something else?

What do you mean by keep loading?

You can definitely start by increasing the height of the page.

It can be a confusing question because there is a feature in many apps called “Endless Scrolling” — essentially it’s loading a "repeating group"s things as the user “scroll’s down”. Or I botched that explanation, I dunno I’ve only ever seen it done.

If you want the page to just “be longer” then specify the height.

If you want the page to load “stuff” as you scroll down, then you can do that by hiding content, and doing a “show” based on screen position.

If you want a repeating group to expand as you scroll, then you can do it with Ext.Vertical scrolling.

As above, need to know what you are looking to do first.

hey, I want the page to be normal height but when the user clicks a icon some stuff will become visible and the page becomes scrollable to fix everything

If you trigger a workflow on icon press to toggle (found under element actions in workflow) a group you create, it might solve your problem.

If that doesn’t work, try going through the tutorials and resources again. Typically this question can be answered by that.

Let us know how it went!

ok, thank you!