Noob question re where to put login/signup and other shared popups, alerts, etc

I have a number of popups for login, signup, post item, etc. I’d like to code them once and share them on every page. On not sure on how Bubble scopes access to share code.

I was hoping to place them all in eg a reusable footer that I include on every page and then reference/access them from any page with the reusable footer.

But that doesn’t seem to work.

In the coding world, I’d be included stuff from a single include file. Hoping there is a Bubble analog.

Pls advise re best practices for not having to copy/paste/maintain the same popups across multiple pages. I’m sure there’s a simple answer. Thanks.

“Reusable element”

Hmm. I tried that. Put a login popup in a reusable footer. Couldn’t see it workflows for a login button on my page outside the reusable footer. Will try again.

Create REs, and then drag and drop appropriate REs on appropriate pages (or groups). An RE works exactly like any other native Bubble element. No need to put all REs in a footer or anything like that.

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