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Noob question - Setting up an email (Ideas?)

Hey all… I want to set up an email account on my domain. Historically I have bought a domain off Godaddy, and hosting space from Bluehost, transfer the domain to Bluehost and I could set up any email account for the domain on Bluehost. I host my blogs on Bluehost.

With bubble, I bought the domain, changed the DNS records to point to bubble. However now, if I need an email I have to “buy” one from Godaddy (£43 / year) - I am not excited about paying for something that I could previously do on Bluehost at no cost.

How have the others got around in this situation? Any suggestions?

@Faiz I use Zoho mail for business, it’s free as well for upto 5 GB per user and very easy to connect to your domain


Thanks a ton for that @Zed , signed up to Zoho :slight_smile: It saved me some cash!

how did you set up you cname or txt record files without being able to access your host account?

I have started using for buying domains and hosting as they are quite happy for you to set up email with gmail for no cost. #nobullshit

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thats good to know for future purchases! finally got my registrar fixed!

Sorry man, just saw your post. I guess you sorted it out by now?

Hi! I am using the ZohoMail service, I already did set up the DNS and everything seems right, but I still can’t get emails from my app. (I am using a workflow to send an email from my app) What do I have to do?

Have you checked the debugger to make sure your workflow is properly set up? If yes, change the email to an address you know works and see if you can send to that.

Don’t know ZohoMail but I had similar problem with different provider because I didn’t notice at first that MX records were pointing to A record domain (something like 10 When You change A record it’s pointing to Bubble, so automatically MX is forwarding to Bubble too.