Noobie - Is Bubble the right tool for me?

Hi All,

Bubble has been suggested to me as a possible platform for me to dev an App/Platform in.

I’ve watched various videos but I’ve not seen one that shows the functionality I need.

I wanted to ask here to see if anyone can give me any high-level pointers to help rule it in/out please?

My proposed App describes as:

An app that allows the end admin user to login and build their own locations and their own workflow set of tasks by dragging/dropping icons from one area to another as appropriate. Icons need to be customised to reflect the nature of the task (which is probably easy enough).

Eg. if there are 10 different tasks in a ‘library’ and a user wanted to create a ‘new location’ and then add Task 1, 4, 7 & 9 to that location - these tasks/icons would be dragged from the ‘library’ to the newly created ‘locations’ visually.

A number of ‘new locations’ can be added to the same ‘screen’ and different tasks attributed to these 'locations’.

A second non-admin operative user would then login and use the App to complete the tasks by selecting the tasks which would make the icon go green to signal completion. Tasks at all locations would be complete by the operative user which would then report back via a reporting mechanism to say all taskts complete.

It sounds simple enough but the issue is (as I see it) will bubble allow the ‘admin’ login to create the ‘admin portal screen’ that allows the UX of making locations and dragging/dropping icons to build a work flow.

I’m kind of trying to build my own low-code environment within bubble if that makes sense.

If anyone can give me a high-level steer as to if this i possible I’d me most grateful.
Any pointers to video’s that help with this would also be welcomed.



Yes, that’s possible

Great news - thank you.
Any links to similar Bubble sites/apps so I can see a comparible to gleen inspiration from and compare please?

hello Richard, @richardw747

I will recommend going to see the ‘templates’ first. Welcome to Bubble.

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