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Normal behavior of developers?

I hired a respected Bubble developer to build a plugin feature. But, after telling me how simple my feature was, and taking my money, they have become mostly uncommunicative. They committed to 4 weeks to build, but now it has been over 10. There were several promises of imminent project completion – these were missed generally without explanation.

I understand there is uncertainty in software development, and unforeseen events can cause delays. But my frustration is the lack of communication. When my project is late, I would like to know why, and when it will be complete.

Are my expectations unreasonable? Is this normal behavior for developers?

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Really sorry about your experience.
That’s always an unfortunate possibility while directly working with a freelancer. A good way to get around it could be to hire a freelancer via a platform like Upwork - because projects there are taken much more seriously, since a bad experience results in the freelancer getting a bad rating.
Alternatively hiring an agency might also help. Full disclosure - I’ve been a freelancer in the past and now run a nocode agency, so I can see these things more clearly now.

Either way, it’s important to have a contract signed before getting into it.

Hope you can get your app built soon!

If you think I can be of some help, I’m always reachable via PMs :slight_smile: