Normal Web developer vs Bubble Developer?

My question is future of bubble developers vs normal (use to html,css, javascript ) developers?

I wouldn’t think of it as one or the other. Bubble is fantastic for non-coders, but real code is always going to win out for performance and flexibility. This may change if Bubble gives the ability to modify the code, but my understanding is the work you do doesn’t really generate code the way a tool like Dropsource or Supernova Studio does.

I use Bubble because I can’t code, but want to build web apps. That’s the problem it solves, and does a pretty good job!


#nocode is the democratisation of programming.

Many coders are not great at the all the messy “people” stuff that goes along with building websites and getting lots of people to use them and pay for it.

In fact, those people are generally so rare they are household names :slight_smile:

Coders will still be needed. But you don’t need a whizz bang computer science person to build 90% of websites.

Bubble developers with complementary skills will be very very sought after.


I was a developer at some point. I was a good programmer, good code, solid logic and structure, however, I hated Front end stuff a lot. I wasn’t able to keep up with front end technologies. I am still open to programming but only if I don’t write front end code. I belive many people probably will dismiss bubble at first look. But I think it is a solid tool and once they open up code… it will be whole different level.

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I’m both. I built my business in Bubble, because I wasn’t good enough at all the things to quickly iterate through a ‘real’ code only application.

My fullstack JS chops came in real handy several times - as things Bubble wasn’t good at, I could create myself. For example, a heroku based web application in Node/Express that handles all the scheduling for 7,000 events/day.

My rec - use Bubble to learn all the ‘other’ stuff of building an application… front end design, architecture, state, customer support, etc. - but don’t stop learning traditional coding languages like JavaScript and their associated libraries.

Fantastic to be able to choose one or the other.