Not a customer but I would like to support your startup

Hey Bubble!

I found that a lot of people ‘believe’ in what I do and that I will ‘make’ it for sure. I also found that the things I’m building are mostly not for them. They will never use it because they just will never need it.

But they would like to support me by sharing the projects with their friends who are most likely also not my targeted audience.

I came up with a way they can support me in the early stages of my startup ideas & can help me get my products to the next level.”

A platform that helps you collect funds from friends, family, people that believe in you as a founder and your ideas, and would like to support your process financially. With a one time or a monthly payment.

Kickfund is for you if you need funding but don’t want to give away equity. It’s for you if you want to make your startup work, but don’t have the time or the focus because you have to make your freelance career work.

Everyone is welcome on the platform to submit their startup ideas it can be live or in the idea phase. Every week/day I select a few startups that will be featured for extra exposure.

Kickfund is still in beta, but you can submit your startup already. So your startup will be live the second Kickfund goes online. (

All the best,


The well known 3F or FFF founding: friends, family and fouls :smiley:

Thanks for the resource!